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Branson Cares: Concert & Telethon



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

On Sunday, June 26, beginning at 6pm, Branson's Mansion Theatre will host a variety of Branson entertainers in a Concert/Telethon to support Tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri.


Joplin is special to me.  I didn't grow up in Joplin.  I didn't grow up near Branson, either.  But I moved to Joplin right after high school, and attended Missouri Southern State University, though it was MSSC back then, not MSSU.  I lived in Joplin for 13 years.  And, though I have now made my home in the Branson area for over 8 years, I still think of Joplin as my real home, the Joplin people, my neighbors still.  The good people of Joplin took me in as if I'd always been there, as if I were a native son.  All of my Good Old Days took place in Joplin, Missouri.  

I was in Joplin on Saturday, May 21st for my cousin's wedding.  One day later, Joplin was changed forever.  A tornado of unprecedented power and destruction tore through that town, destroying thousands of buildings, homes, businesses, schools, churches, and lives.  You've all seen the pictures, watched the videos.  I've no new or insightful words to give to describe the horror or the subsequent heroism.  Words are too mild to describe the horror, too weak to describe the heroism.  

So, what can we do.  We can give, whatever we have to give, let us give it.  Branson's entertainers are stepping up to give their time and their talent in a Concert/Telethon to benefit those in Joplin.  On June 26, you can see the show live at the Mansion Theatre for a $50.00 donation.  Or you can watch on TV and donate from home.  You can even go to the Branson Cares website and donate online.  Whatever you can give, please give.  Our neighbors are in need.  Let's truly be a neighbor to our neighbors in Joplin.




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