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Ziplining tours in Branson



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Ziplining is fast becoming a big attraction for vacationers here in Branson.  We now have four to choose from, The Vigilante at Shepherd of the HillsVigilante Ziprider Branson Zipline and Canopy Tours, Zipline USA and Adventure Zipline of Branson.  When I saw the first construction taking place on 65 north of Branson, I immediately thought of the movie with Sean Connery who portrayed a cancer research scientist in the Amazon jungle. They were ziplining from tree top to tree top in search of a cure. Zipling

How cool is this, that we are going to have this kind of experience right here in Branson.  I was salivating to get my chance at hanging on a cable gliding through the hills of the Ozark Mts.  During the Show & Shine Car Show at Shepherd of the Hills last summer I got my chance to ride the Vigilante.  Wow! 

Inspiration Tower can be seen from all over Branson as it rises up from one of the highest points in the Ozarks plus another 270 feet.  When you reach the observation deck you have an unobstructed 360 degree panoramic view of Branson and the surrounding beauty of the Ozarks.  It clearly reminds me of why I choose to reside here, in God's country.  There are many great places on this planet and I had the opportunity to see a few, but there is nothing like coming home to these Ozark hills.  Oh, I'm off the track, let's get back to the ride. 

First you must weigh-in, as there is a weight limit.  I had no problem with this, but one of our friends was really close to being turned away.  We boarded the elevator for our ride to the top of Inspiration Tower.  We checked-in for our ride; to our surprise we had to weigh-in again.  We all teasing each other about the diets we needed to be on.  The staff gathered us and prepared us with a few last minute instructions and strapped us in.  

The gates opened and the ride was on!  Just a slight drop is felt as we descended from the platform to the cable.  I‘ve had the good fortune to experience cable cars and tram ride as high as 12,000 feet, but this was a rush!  There are four cables to the Vigilante rather than one, so for us it was a race to the bottom.  As we neared the end I thought how is this going to stop? Well, no big deal.  A large spring brings you to a gentle stop.  The ever present camera guy is there to snap your picture just before landing.  A van ride back to the top and our zipline ride experience was complete.  We decided to buy the picture because it was neat.  It makes a great conversation piece over the fireplace. 

With four ziplines to choose from I'm looking forward to my next ride.  Check out which zipline ride you want to try!  See ya in the tree tops! 





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