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(by Art Holmberg)

Branson has almost every type of restaurant you can think of. Many are the chains that you will find in your own home town.  We are asked all the time for a good restaurant.  Usually we try and direct the guest to the nearest, mainly because of time considerations.  Some of the restaurants in town cater to larger dining and have parking for tour buses and large motor coaches. 

As a local, we have our favorite places to eat, and I have mine.  When it comes to a burger, two places here in Branson stand out. 

One has the old style counter with swivel stools, 50's decor on the wall, and a juke box in the corner.  This one reminds me of those days when I was a kid growing up in the 50' & 60's.  The other has a counter to order, you wait your turn order your feast.   Both cook their burgers from a fresh hamburger patty, nothing frozen just fresh meat.

I want to stress that both places are no frills, your food arrives hot.  Served in a basket or tray with wax paper and paper towels are on the table for napkins.  When you see the police, firemen  UPS and FedEX drivers enjoying a meal, day after day  your get the feeling something is good.

Having had the opportunity to sample the menus several times over the years.   I'm really torn between which serves the best burger.  Perhaps that will require more research. 

Now, Billy Bob's Dairyland is on Hwy 76 just west of the Dixie Stampede, maybe 2 blocks or so.  This is a newer location for Billy Bob's.  The city of Branson added a new road and stoplight, so he had to move.  He has been here for years; a real staple in Branson.  I really enjoy his burgers and thought that Billy Bobs burgers were the best.  The old location was my first encounter.  There must have been 8 stools and a handful of tables to serve his customers.  Everybody just waited until there was room. My favorite is a regular cheese burger with fries. Nothing fancy just a good ole juicy burger.  The new location is a little bigger, but not much.  The burgers are the same, great!

Danna's is my other choice.  I was introduced to Danna's much later because a fire had burned down their restaurant and they needed to rebuild.  Here you stand in line to place your order, find an empty table and they bring it to you.  A self serve drink machine and racks on the walls to place your empty trays.  The burgers are hot.  My standard order is a fat burger.  One large beef patty, an egg, 2 strips of bacon and the burger covered in cheese.  I have absolutely no idea how many calories are in this burger, nor what the cholesterol level is, and I don't care.  This is a treat for me that I enjoy once in a while.  The rest of the time I am more concerned about what I do eat. 

So when you are in Branson, MO  and looking for a good burger at a reasonable prices, check out these two places and we'll compare notes.  Danna's is on Hwy 165 south of 76 about 1 1/2 miles and Billy Bob's is up on the strip or Hwy 76.  

Danna's BBQ





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Posted @ Friday, January 07, 2011 5:51 PM by Art Holmberg
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i've been going to Billy Bob's since 1972, best burger in Branson by far
Posted @ Friday, August 21, 2015 6:15 PM by Howard Anderson
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