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Dinner Cruise aboard the ShowBoat Branson Belle



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Showboat Branson Belle The beautiful Showboat Branson Belle has been gliding across the waters of Table Rock Lake for the past 15 years providing its many guests great food, wonderful entertainment and a step back in time when riverboats steamed the great rivers of our fabulous country.  The 2011 season is now under way with a new show and a new menu.  It was our pleasure to cruise the Branson Belle last evening and sample this exciting new show ENCORE. 

Our sailing was scheduled for 4pm and things got under way promptly.  Mr. Christopher James was our master of ceremonies. Christopher is an energetic young man as well as an accomplished magician.  As dinner is being served "The Rockin Dockers", a five piece ensemble provided a musical backdrop for our dinning pleasure.  Our service was the best, Valerie our server, was ever present to assist and insure our meal needs were completely satisfied.  A short intermission interlude after dinner allowed us to the enjoy the outside decks of the Branson Belle.  As we explored the ship this gave us the opportunity to enjoy the Ozarks and beauty of our surroundings as we gently skimmed across the normally serene waters of crystal clear Table Rock Lake. 

It's show time!  The new show ENCORE introduced us to the Showmen, six young men blending their voices in great harmony.  We were treated to a montage of musical hits performed by many of our favorite male groups. 

The real star of ENCORE is Ms. Janice Martin.  Her credentials include performances at Carnegie Hall in New York City and having studied at the world renown Juilliard School of Music.  There is no question, this is one multi-talented performer.  Ms. Martin was fabulous!  The Showboat Branson Belle has hit a home run with this show.  Make certain you include the Branson Belle on your itinerary this year.  We plan to see her performance again, soon.  You should too!  We can plan your next cruise experience on the Showboat Branson Belle, give us a call.

The Paddle Wheel Room is a private dinning room with seating for up to 40 guests.  Located at the rear on the 2nd deck its large picture windows provide a picturesque view of the massive churning paddle wheels and the spectacular scenery of Table Rock Lake in her wake.   Special mezzanine level center stage seating is reserved for all Paddle Wheel guests, perfect seats to take in a great show.  To complete your dinning experience a special menu is included with your Paddle Wheel Room reservation.

Making reservations with us at Pointe Royale Condominium Resort & Golf Course is quick and easy, simply click the on-line reservation link or call us directly at 800-962-4710.




50 Years of Dick's 5 & 10 | Branson Shopping



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Branson isn't all music shows, golf, boating, fishing, and theme parks.  Though those things are likely the biggest draw. But what makes Branson so comfortable, homey, and friendly may have less to do with flashy music shows or thrill rides, and more to do with it's friendly locals, family values, and unique little nooks and crannies.  One such nook, bringing folks back year after year, is Dick's 5 & 10.

Dick's 5 & 10

Dick's 5 & 10 was founded in 1961, and, unless my math is particularly rusty, is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary this year. (July of this year, to be a tad more specific)  There was a time, in our fair land, where folks didn't drive down to the Mega-Mart to pick up their sundries, but rather headed to the local 5 & Dime. Dick's is a true throw-back to that quainter, simpler time.  A walk through Dick's 5 & 10 is a walk back through our history, to our childhood, to our innocence.  

They still sell the basics that they did 50 years ago:  sewing supplies, hardware, housewares, and linens.  They also sell toys, board games, and candy; all of it with a focus on nostalgia that will take you back, as well.  You'll see toys you've nearly forgotten, and taste candies you didn't know still existed.

In addition to the store's items for sale, are the collections to be viewed.  They have a wonderful collection of autographed Aviation prints hanging in their aisles.  Then, there is also their Baseball Wall of Fame, featuring memorabilia from Babe Ruth to Dizzy Dean to Lou Gehrig, to the Big Red Machine.  Other sports figures are represented here, too, such as Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan.

Dick's 5 & 10 is part variety store, part museum, part walk down memory lane, and 100% fun.  It's located in old downtown Branson, and is surely worth the trip to see it, and the trip down memory lane.  Thank you Dick's 5 & 10! And congratulations on 50 years as an integral part of what makes Branson special!



Andy Williams Moon River Grill in Branson, MO



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Opening night anywhere is an exciting event.  Whatever the business; opening night has to be definitely a pressure evening.  You want everything to be just right.  For those of us that live and work in a seasonal community opening night brings high hopes for a great new season.  I'm certain all the staff and management were equally excited last Friday night at Andy Williams Moon River Grill as they entered the 2011 season. 

Friday March 4, was my wife’s birthday and the Moon River Grill was her choice to enjoy her birthday dinner out.  The dress required like all of Branson is resort casual.  We were greeted with a very warm welcome from the hostess and all the staff members.  In the coming months I recommend that you make reservations.  The walls are covered with pictures of Andy with celebrates that he has meet and performed with on his TV show.   It was a treat to look at all the pictures. 

We were seated in the Atrium; it has a nice view of a waterfall and garden just outside.  The background music was live and he played throughout the time we were there.   Andy has some specialties on his menu that you don’t find everywhere.   The Chicken Pot Pie and Meatloaf are his mothers own recipe.  My wife’s choice was the Macaroni Cheese topped with Blackened Chicken Breast, and mine was the Marinated Bourbon Salmon.  The Macaroni Cheese is made with Gouda cheese. Wow!   It was so smooth, rich and creamy, the best we have ever tasted.  The Bourbon Salmon is marinated for 48 hours before preparation.  This salmon was delicious; we made two excellent choices for dinner.  Alyssa our served; made certain everything was just right. 

We enjoyed celebrating my wife’s birthday that evening at the Moon River Grill; we look forward to returning very soon.  The food, service and the atmosphere was just right.  If the Macaroni Cheese or the Salmon is not what you would order, the menu has much more to offer.  Try a full one pound burger; it is available with a smothering of cheese and toppings.  Happy hour is until 6pm.  Relax and unwind at Andy’s Moon River Grill in Branson, MO it’s just a short walk from the Moon River Theater.  Take in a show and dinner. 

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Opening Night in Branson Dixie Stampede Style



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

The 2011 Branson Show Season has now officially opened! 

A near capacity crowd was on hand last Friday evening fDixie Stampedeor the opening performance of the Dixie Stampede

We have been to many performances at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede and have enjoyed them all.  This past Friday we were fortunate to attend this opening performance with our 2 yr granddaughter, Riley. 

She was all dressed up for this special opening event.  Riley was really excited to be going to the Dixie Stampede.  On the short drive to the theater she kept repeating Dixie Stampede, Dixie Stampede, Dixie Stampede.  From the parking area to the lobby you must pass all the horse stalls.  Many of the horses were in the stalls ready to perform and as we passed each stall she would call out horsey, horsey, big horsey. She was excited, to say the least.

This was going to be really something different for us to watch the excitement and enthusiasm of a 2yr old enjoy the show.  She clapped, tried to stomp her feet and danced to the music through out the performance. 

You bring your own utensils; your fingers.  So it’s just right for a two year old.  She had plenty to eat and with the help of a horsey bag we had some left over’s the next day. 

The show has lots of action from start to finish, never a dull moment.  Lots of changes have been made from the previous years show, adding to the fun.  At the conclusion we were able to approach one of the riders as she postioned her horse along side the arena and she allowed us to pet her horse Gator.  What a treat for any child.  

Dixie Stampede is a show for all ages, it is a family show.  As I looked around the area that night everyone young and old was having such a great time.  For us, it was a super evening as we enjoyed The Dixie Stampede through the eyes of our granddaughter. 

A trip to Branson is not complete without The Dixie Stampede as part of your itinerary.  You might just find that 2yr old inside you having a wonderful time.  We can help plan your trip to Branson, Pointe Royale and the Dixie Stampede.

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