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Lone Star Steakhouse | Branson Dining



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

This time of year, I'm almost always too busy here at Pointe Royale to actually "leave" work on my dinner break.  I usually just inhale some salad, or tuna, or chicken, and call it good enough.  Fortunately for me, yesterday, I had enough coverage at the office that leaving property for an actual off site dinner break was possible.  As I've mentioned before, I'm on the Atkins diet, so a low carb order is the order of the day.  So, on those rare occasions that I actually do eat out, I'm usually looking for a steak, or some grilled shrimp or seafood.

I chose to head on up to the local Lone Star Steakhouse, over on Green Mountain Drive.  I've eaten there before, but not in a couple of years, to be honest.  I made the right choice.  I sat down in the, obviously, Western (Texas) themed restaurant, and was soon greeted by a friendly server, and shortly thereafter, by a great tall glass of iced tea.  I was trying to decide if I wanted a big steak, or one of the combos.  I went with the steak & salmon combo, a choice I heartily recommend.

The steak was a 6 ounce, center cut sirloin, which I had them prepare medium.  When it arrived, my server had me cut it, to insure that it was done to my liking. It was nice & pink through the middle, and, oh, so very juicy.  I'd honestly say that it was the best steak I've had in a long time, even if it was only 6 ounces. Absolutely delicious.

Sweet Bourbon Salmon

The other half of the combo was the grilled salmon.  I've had their salmon before, and it is wonderful.  Tender, tasty, and prepared with a sweet bourbon glaze that really sets the taste buds on their ear, assuming taste buds have ears.  I ate it after the steak, thinking I would get the best part first, but if anything, the salmon was even better than the steak.  

Since I'm on the Atkins diet, I had to pass on the dinner rolls.  (But I've had them before, and they are good, too.)  I had the steamed broccoli, which was good, as good as greens get to a meat eater like me, and the dinner salad, minus the croûtons.  The great thing about Atkins, is that, even though I'm limited to foods that are low in carbs, I still get to eat wonderfully tasty foods, and not ever go unsatisfied.  And I was quite satisfied Thursday evening at Lone Star.  



Andy Williams Moon River Grill in Branson, MO



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Opening night anywhere is an exciting event.  Whatever the business; opening night has to be definitely a pressure evening.  You want everything to be just right.  For those of us that live and work in a seasonal community opening night brings high hopes for a great new season.  I'm certain all the staff and management were equally excited last Friday night at Andy Williams Moon River Grill as they entered the 2011 season. 

Friday March 4, was my wife’s birthday and the Moon River Grill was her choice to enjoy her birthday dinner out.  The dress required like all of Branson is resort casual.  We were greeted with a very warm welcome from the hostess and all the staff members.  In the coming months I recommend that you make reservations.  The walls are covered with pictures of Andy with celebrates that he has meet and performed with on his TV show.   It was a treat to look at all the pictures. 

We were seated in the Atrium; it has a nice view of a waterfall and garden just outside.  The background music was live and he played throughout the time we were there.   Andy has some specialties on his menu that you don’t find everywhere.   The Chicken Pot Pie and Meatloaf are his mothers own recipe.  My wife’s choice was the Macaroni Cheese topped with Blackened Chicken Breast, and mine was the Marinated Bourbon Salmon.  The Macaroni Cheese is made with Gouda cheese. Wow!   It was so smooth, rich and creamy, the best we have ever tasted.  The Bourbon Salmon is marinated for 48 hours before preparation.  This salmon was delicious; we made two excellent choices for dinner.  Alyssa our served; made certain everything was just right. 

We enjoyed celebrating my wife’s birthday that evening at the Moon River Grill; we look forward to returning very soon.  The food, service and the atmosphere was just right.  If the Macaroni Cheese or the Salmon is not what you would order, the menu has much more to offer.  Try a full one pound burger; it is available with a smothering of cheese and toppings.  Happy hour is until 6pm.  Relax and unwind at Andy’s Moon River Grill in Branson, MO it’s just a short walk from the Moon River Theater.  Take in a show and dinner. 

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Opening Night in Branson Dixie Stampede Style



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

The 2011 Branson Show Season has now officially opened! 

A near capacity crowd was on hand last Friday evening fDixie Stampedeor the opening performance of the Dixie Stampede

We have been to many performances at Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede and have enjoyed them all.  This past Friday we were fortunate to attend this opening performance with our 2 yr granddaughter, Riley. 

She was all dressed up for this special opening event.  Riley was really excited to be going to the Dixie Stampede.  On the short drive to the theater she kept repeating Dixie Stampede, Dixie Stampede, Dixie Stampede.  From the parking area to the lobby you must pass all the horse stalls.  Many of the horses were in the stalls ready to perform and as we passed each stall she would call out horsey, horsey, big horsey. She was excited, to say the least.

This was going to be really something different for us to watch the excitement and enthusiasm of a 2yr old enjoy the show.  She clapped, tried to stomp her feet and danced to the music through out the performance. 

You bring your own utensils; your fingers.  So it’s just right for a two year old.  She had plenty to eat and with the help of a horsey bag we had some left over’s the next day. 

The show has lots of action from start to finish, never a dull moment.  Lots of changes have been made from the previous years show, adding to the fun.  At the conclusion we were able to approach one of the riders as she postioned her horse along side the arena and she allowed us to pet her horse Gator.  What a treat for any child.  

Dixie Stampede is a show for all ages, it is a family show.  As I looked around the area that night everyone young and old was having such a great time.  For us, it was a super evening as we enjoyed The Dixie Stampede through the eyes of our granddaughter. 

A trip to Branson is not complete without The Dixie Stampede as part of your itinerary.  You might just find that 2yr old inside you having a wonderful time.  We can help plan your trip to Branson, Pointe Royale and the Dixie Stampede.

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Montana Mike's for Lunch | Pointe Royale Blog



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

Lunch at Montana Mike’s

My Dad had some business that brought him to our fair city today.  And whenever he’s in town, we like to have lunch or dinner together.  So we met today for lunch at Montana Mike’s on hwy 248.  We’ve eaten there many times, and I’ve eaten there many times without him.  It’s one of my favorite places to eat in Branson. 

That said, I’m on the Atkins Diet, all low carb foods.  I’ve really not been out to eat since I started the diet a few weeks ago.  (I did go out one other time, and had a burger without the bun.  It wasn’t very fulfilling.)  I sat down with my menu, knowing that my typical orders, their awesome Hickory Burger or the Chicken Fried Steak, were not on my diet.  So I needed to try something new.  I settled on the Steak and Shrimp combo, with Grilled rather than Fried Shrimp.  It comes with a 9 oz sirloin steak and 10 skewered shrimp, with a very tasty buttery-cajun seasoning.  Now, I love a good steak.  So I wasn’t surprised when it was very good.  But the Shrimp was fantastic.  I don’t usually care much for seafood; but this Shrimp was great.   They had several choices for people like me, who are on a low carb diet, as well as the richer foods that I’ve enjoyed so much in the past.

One thing they do at Montana Mike’s, is to have you cut your steak when it arrives, just to be sure it is cooked to your liking.  I appreciated that.  If there’s a problem, they can take care of it right away.  Good customer service.  Arlene was our server, and she did a great job, as usual, taking care of us, especially keeping our iced tea glasses filled.  I appreciated that, too.

If you’ve never been there, the décor is pretty consistent with the restaurant’s name:  lots of animal pelts, fishing gear, and rugged looking, outdoorsman memorabilia.  It’s got lots of seating, so I’ve never had to wait very long for a table.  There are 2 Montana Mike’s in Branson: the one we dined at today, and one on hwy 76, which is closed now for re-model.  If you like good food, good portions, and good service; then stop in at Montana Mike’s.

Montana Mike's



Best Burgers in Branson | Click here for info



Pointe Royale Properties, Inc.

(by Art Holmberg)

Branson has almost every type of restaurant you can think of. Many are the chains that you will find in your own home town.  We are asked all the time for a good restaurant.  Usually we try and direct the guest to the nearest, mainly because of time considerations.  Some of the restaurants in town cater to larger dining and have parking for tour buses and large motor coaches. 

As a local, we have our favorite places to eat, and I have mine.  When it comes to a burger, two places here in Branson stand out. 

One has the old style counter with swivel stools, 50's decor on the wall, and a juke box in the corner.  This one reminds me of those days when I was a kid growing up in the 50' & 60's.  The other has a counter to order, you wait your turn order your feast.   Both cook their burgers from a fresh hamburger patty, nothing frozen just fresh meat.

I want to stress that both places are no frills, your food arrives hot.  Served in a basket or tray with wax paper and paper towels are on the table for napkins.  When you see the police, firemen  UPS and FedEX drivers enjoying a meal, day after day  your get the feeling something is good.

Having had the opportunity to sample the menus several times over the years.   I'm really torn between which serves the best burger.  Perhaps that will require more research. 

Now, Billy Bob's Dairyland is on Hwy 76 just west of the Dixie Stampede, maybe 2 blocks or so.  This is a newer location for Billy Bob's.  The city of Branson added a new road and stoplight, so he had to move.  He has been here for years; a real staple in Branson.  I really enjoy his burgers and thought that Billy Bobs burgers were the best.  The old location was my first encounter.  There must have been 8 stools and a handful of tables to serve his customers.  Everybody just waited until there was room. My favorite is a regular cheese burger with fries. Nothing fancy just a good ole juicy burger.  The new location is a little bigger, but not much.  The burgers are the same, great!

Danna's is my other choice.  I was introduced to Danna's much later because a fire had burned down their restaurant and they needed to rebuild.  Here you stand in line to place your order, find an empty table and they bring it to you.  A self serve drink machine and racks on the walls to place your empty trays.  The burgers are hot.  My standard order is a fat burger.  One large beef patty, an egg, 2 strips of bacon and the burger covered in cheese.  I have absolutely no idea how many calories are in this burger, nor what the cholesterol level is, and I don't care.  This is a treat for me that I enjoy once in a while.  The rest of the time I am more concerned about what I do eat. 

So when you are in Branson, MO  and looking for a good burger at a reasonable prices, check out these two places and we'll compare notes.  Danna's is on Hwy 165 south of 76 about 1 1/2 miles and Billy Bob's is up on the strip or Hwy 76.  

Danna's BBQ




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